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Bennett & Williams has demonstrated experience in the investigation, design, and construction management of radial collector wells.  Key staff  have designed and constructed radial collector wells and fixed-screen (passive) intakes since the mid-1960's.   As the management of the Ranney Company in the mid-1960's to mid-1970's the staff of Bennett & Williams have unique hands-on experience of radial collector well and intake construction.  Because of this span of over 45 years experience, involving numerous test sites on three continents, Bennett & Williams is known as the predominant designers and construction managers of radial collector wells and in-stream intakes.

Bennett & Williams, Inc. provides technical engineering design services, hydrogeologic evaluations and construction management services for our clients throughout the United States. Our typical clients are horizontal collector well contractors, water supply engineers, geologists and hydrogeologists, private water purveyors and public water suppliers. 

For more information on the unique design aspects of radial collector wells or a cost benefit analysis of a collector well(s) versus conventional production wells or a designed surface water intake please contact us by mail.  


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