For the Best Advice on Earth® Bennett & Williams

Specializing in the development of large water supply systems and environmental projects throughout North America.

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With Bennett & Williams, your best water is just a phone call away...

For the Best Advice on Earth® Bennett & Williams

Specializing in the development of quality water supply systems throughout North America.

Featured Services

  • Water Supply Engineering
    If locating a sufficient quantity and quality of water were as simple as dipping your hands into a stream or other natural body of water for consumption, many things in our built and populated...
  • Environmental Assessments & Monitoring
    Bennett & Williams is a diversified engineering firm that provides a full range of services for evaluating environmental liability associated with industrial/commercial activities, real estate transactions, land development, and roadway...
  • GIS-Based Utility Management
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have become the management engine for many rural water systems to make operational decisions.  When integrated with other utility information investments (SCADA, Billing Systems, AutoCAD®, Modeling,...
  • Specialty Water Engineering & Science
      Horizontal radial collector wells supply government and industry in the United States with more than a billion gallons of potable and process water every day.  The technology can be one...

About Us

Bennett & Williams provides a balanced approach to environmental stewardship and positive economic outcomes.  Clean water is a necessity for life and we are experienced in providing the science and engineering to deliver it.   We are  a small, responsive, and innovative environmental engineering business.  We employ a well-educated, experienced staff with applied expertise in environmental science, geology, hydrogeology, engineering and community development.

Our Office

Bennett & Williams Environmental Consultants, Inc.

98 County Line Road West
Westerville, Ohio 43082
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