Water Supply Services

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Bennett & Williams literally wrote the book on how to install monitoring wells for numerous applications.  These small sampling systems are often designed in a 2 inches in diameter, either temporary or permanent, and are carefully sampled through stringent protocols to provide reliable and defensible readings often in smaller units than parts per million (ppm).  Siting and location of these wells relies on experienced technical decisions, and their sampling methods utilized have to be designed with the contaminant(s) and parameters of significance as the key consideration.  Characterizing a geologic and soils setting is often difficult to untrained observations, at Bennett & Williams we make our living on it..

Since the 1960’s our principals have been engaged in improving production wells. Designing for sustainable returns for producing better water supplies, we chose to emphasize both geologic setting considerations, innovative well designs coupled with construction oversight services to reduce the need for excess wellfield maintenance costs and increase and protect water quality at the wellhead.  What was once the norm, accepted as a comodity service- drilling a hole in the earth and locating a short term groundwater supply is less and less a consideration for sustainable developments.  At Bennett & Williams, we believe that value can be added from the beginning of the process, and returns on investments are generated over a longer period of time.  These value added services are what we emphasize and are most proud of.

With increased importance of locating new supplies, record droughts, increased human activities impacting water quality and supply, and the observed impact dwindling undiscovered fresh groundwater supplies; it has never been as great of challenge to develop potable water supplies.  Selecting the correct professional to assist your important project is the best thing you can do.  It saves money, budgets are realistic and the overall project will increase the opportunity of a successful outcome

Bennett & Williams holds the unique qualification and experience of being an expert based geological and engineering company that is credentialed in providing and teaching best practices in the design and development of the some of the smallest permanent monitoring and being the only firm in the business with the experience and expertise to design and develop water supplies with the largest single wells in the world. Both of our Founding Principals were instrumental in siting, development and construction for the Ranney Company in the 1960’s through the 1970’s.  During that stretch of time they inspected, rehabilitated close to 200 horizontal radial collector wells across the globe for the former Ranney Company.  These horizontal collector wells were proven to be valuable installations in the correct geologic settings; along with fixed-screen intake systems for various industries (pulp, paper, electric, steel) for process waters, and several large supplies were developed across North America where as few as one single well could supply a mid sized city.

In the early 1980’s, Bennett & Williams consulting business was created and continued expanding innovation in radial horizontal collector well business.  As a consultant and engineering business, Bennett & Williams expanded its services to provide consulting services to a greater number of water supply developers, businesses, industries and government.  With unparalleled knowledge and experience in the industry Bennett & Williams also took on an educational role in teaching others some of the conceptual and design considerations for this unique industry.  Thirty plus years later, we are still providing troubleshooting, investigative and value engineering with these large installations.