Planning, Litigative & Development Services


  • Economic Development Planning Technical Assistance
  • Geographic Information System Mapping Support and Analysis
  • Automated (Dept. of Agriculture) Land Evaluation Site Assessment (LESA) Mapping
  • Comprehensive Plan Development and Feasibility Studies for Infrastructure Improvements
  • Environmental Site Assessment and Evaluations
    • Site Screening Support
    • Wetland Evaluations and Army Corp Permitting Support (401 / 404)
    • Voluntary Action Program (VAP)
    • Remedial Investigations
    • Community Construction Oversight and Liaison
  • Construction De-Watering Engineering
  • Environmentally Sensitive Construction Services
  • Industrial Park Environmental Programs
  • Water Resource Planning, Development and Expansions
  • Quarry Operation Evaluations and Impact Assessments



Since our inception, we understood the importance of performing our work with “client confidentiality” being front and center.  Often our projects deal with client sensitive data and circumstances requiring both professionalism and confidentiality.  We pride ourselves in performing our work in a defensible and replicable manner.  Even the smallest procedure or task can bring question to an environmental sampling event.  As scientific instruments have improved measuring and detecting contaminants in parts per TRILLION(ppt), the human factor still remains the weakest link.  For this reason, our professionals have authored, published and provided training for monitoring well sampling procedures and techniques.  We practice quality control from the project beginning including the proper placement and siting of monitoring wells, in the well design process and in field collection procedures to assure sound data is available to construct a remedy to the environmental concern.

Understanding that the integrity of sampling procedures in practice is only the beginning.  With defensible data is the important need to be able manage the collected data in meaningful ways that best support our client and legal teams.  Since the 1980’s we have  developed new techniques in document retrieval, review and database designs for easy searchable retrieval.  Today, document retrieval and key word searchable databases are readily available.  But few have the experience of integrating large amounts of sensitive chemical data, geochemical database technologies with special analysis capabilities for easy search, retrieval, and display.  Our experience with geochemical database construction and technical understanding of the issues often aides our client’s legal representation compile and prepare sound legal cases, negotiation strategies and winning outcomes.

Our technical and litigative support services and resulted in a number of large settlement outcomes for our clients.  Our most notable environmental work were realized in the Solid and Hazardous Waste Industry, and the Water Industry.  We have represented both commercial, government and utilities address environmental concerns.

Bennett & Williams provides a professionally educated and trained staff that understands your industry, the ins and outs of regulatory compliance, and when and where to take action.  Our approach is not common and is rarely seen in the environmental business.