Water Supply Engineering

If locating a sufficient quantity and quality of water were as simple as dipping your hands into a stream or other natural body of water for consumption, many things in our built and populated world would be much easier.  But the real world is often much more complex, requiring engineering, hydrogeology and technology to develop a quality and sustainable water supply.

Well Well WellFinding new sources and additional water supplies has never been more challenging.  What once was a plentiful resource in many areas of the United States has become expensive and elusive to develop.  Today, several areas of the United States suffer from inadequate water resources due to overuse of the resource, and degradation of the resource from various types of pollution.  Almost every region of the United States is challenged to plan and design for major climatic influenced quality fluctuations in their water supplies due to natural variations from storms, flooding, droughts, extreme seasonal temperature swings and man-made activities and environmental impacts.

Bennett & Williams is a successful leader in siting, locating and developing water resources for consumption, large industrial users and agricultural uses.   Successfully meeting resource challenges by completing nearly 1,300 projects over the past 30 years, working for industry, government and private businesses.  We apply our experience and use of technology to develop quantity, design for quality and provide affordable treatment alternatives.

We provide a full range of services for the management of water resources.  Our experience ranges from the exploration and development of ground-water supplies to the design of water production and treatment facilities to evaluation and preparation of regional ground-water management and protection programs.  Management services include the following:

  • Ground-Water Exploration
    • Geophysical Exploration
    • Fracture Trace Analysis
    • Test Drilling
  • Aquifer Analysis / Pumping Tests
  • Water Well Design
  • Wellfield Management Programs
  • Computer-Flow and Solute-Transport Modeling
  • Wellhead Protection Plans (Source Water) / Sole Source Aquifer Designations
  • Contamination Investigations and Corrective Measures
  • Surface Water Intake Siting and Design
  • Pic1Water Treatment Design
  • Design / Analysis of Distribution and Storage Facilities
  • Regional Water Resource Evaluation
  • Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Ground Water
  • Geographic Information Systems (siting and management support)


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