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Horizontal radial collector wells supply government and industry in the United States with more than a billion gallons of potable and process water every day.  The technology can be one of the best extraction methods when properly sited, designed and constructed.  Our expertise in radial collector wells services spans from the 1960’s to today assisting geologists, engineers, contractors, industry, government and utility managers develop quality water supplies.  Bennett & Williams offers a wide variety of services for radial collector wells and intakes.

There are few hundred radial collector wells that have been installed in the US since the first well was constructed in the early 1900’s.  An oil field driller named Leo Ranney discovered the benefit of drilling horizontally to gather large amounts of water.  Many generations of these horizontal radial collector wells have been installed and are operating today.

Collectorwell Pump TestBennett & Williams’ principals gained unparalleled experience through decades of siting, designing, installing, evaluating and trouble shooting the unique operations.  Their experience was built during their managment of the (former) Ranney Company (Westerville, Ohio) in the 1970’s and later expanded consulting for every major constructor and contractor of horizontal radial collector wells.  The wells are referred to horizontal (direction of screen projection), radial (pattern to which the screen is place around the caisson) and collector (caisson collects the water from the various screens).  These specialized wells can be expensive to construct but if sited, designed and constructed properly they can produce great amounts of higher quality low cost water.

Several government and commercial clients understand the importance of bringing the correct professional to evaluate their investments.

  • Horizontal Collector Well Siting Services
  • Environmental Services & Compliance
  • Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Well Performance Modeling
  • Trouble Shooting Underperforming Installations
  • Inspection Services and Rehabilitation Evaluations
    1. Performance Evaluations
    2. Alternative Design Modifications
  • Engineering Design for Quality and Quantity of Water
  • Construction Oversight Services
  • Infiltration Galleries and Intake Designs
  • Cost Engineering and Capitol Improvement Estimations
  • Specialized Uses
    1. Aquifer Storage & Recovery Systems
    2. Desalinization Intakes
  • Grant and Economic Funding Support Services
  • Complete Water Resource Engineering

Having worked on more than 60 installations on three continents, we have literally worked with every design variation and construction technique and material involved in radial collector well installation spanning 70 years and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the technology and differing efficiencies within the configurations. image

We have built our reputation on providing the necessary information to have successful outcomes.  We don’t always tell our clients what they would rather hear, but instead give them the right information to complete their projects in a sustainable and cost effective manner.  ‘Doing it right the first time’ is not just our promotional motto, but the standard from which we measure project success.  Please contact us so that we can put our experience to work for you today. image

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