GIS-Based Utility Management

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have become the management engine for many rural water systems to make operational decisions.  When integrated with other utility information investments (SCADA, Billing Systems, AutoCAD®, Modeling, Orthophotos and Engineering Drawings) it creates a comprehensive information management system.

Bennett & Williams works with rural water utilities to address day-to-day management needs through the development of GIS solutions.  GIS-based Information Systems can save time and money by providing managment, field operations and office staff with up-to-date information from which to make informed decisions and customer service.  Bennett & Williams accomplishes this by providing experienced and knowledgeable staff, open-architecture designs, utility specific and practical approaches for a reasonable cost.


Bennett & Williams provides rural water systems with the following services:

  • Custom GIS Base Map & Geodatabase Design
  • As-Built and/or As-Designed Plans and AutoCAD® Drawing Integration
  • Customized ESRI ArcView® Management (An alternative to AOL)
  • Turn-key GIS Development, Creation, Training and Deployment for Utilities
  • Detailed Distribution Management Designs for Operations and Maintenance
  • Time-tested Authentic Approaches for Utilily-wide Acceptance and Operational Efficiencies
  • Real-time Monitoring and Data Collection Design
  • GPS Collection Consulting and Personal Training
  • GIS Online Mapping Services for Work Order Support
  • ESRI ArcGIS Online (AOL) for MOBILE Deployment
  • AOL Applications Design, Development and Deployment
  • Asset Management Systems Development and Analytics
  • Operations Workflow Tracking, Support and Hands-on Training
  • Integrated Hydraulic Modeling (all popular modeling software)
  • GIS-Assisted Contaminant Transport Modeling
  • Water Quality Monitoring & Modeling (TTHM, HAA5)
    • Specialty Mapping for Regulatory Compliance (eg. OH512 Lead/Copper Rule Reporting)
  • Contingency Planning and Customer Notification
  • Capital Improvements Planning and Targeted Growth Strategy
  • Integration with Automated Customer Billing System
  • Trouble Shooting Utility GIS Configurations, Upgrades, and Integration with Other Utility Technologies and Investments


Why Choose Bennett & Williams for GIS?

  1. Twenty years experience with paperless technology solutions
  2. Specialized approaches and training across utility technologies
  3. Do more with less resources. Comprehensive asset inventories, life-cycle asset tracking, maintenance and budgeting support
  4. Effective processes for capturing and preserving institutional knowledge often lost through attrition and staff turnover in utilities
  5. Practical problem solving experience and trouble shooting leadership
  6. Employ and develop solutions incorporating responsive design and mobile solutions to aid utility operations from virtually anywhere.
  7. One-on-one training and unparalleled technical support




2014-2018 Water Utility GIS User Group

If you have or you are considering developing a GIS and you are a rural water and/or wastewater utility, we are offering a GIS User Group sessions in central Ohio and around the state.  These are great opportunities to learn from your peers with their similar systems.

We continue to support this educational program, we anticipate expanding our user group sessions to add forums that will involve all utility staff focusing on the best uses of GIS for planning, budgeting, operations, maintenance and time and money savings through efficiencies.


Recent 2018 GIS USER GROUP Meeting(s): 

1. February 16, 2018,  Cabelas Polaris, Columbus, Ohio (10:00am to 2:30pm) Topics Discussed: Asset Management and Implementation of Senate Bill 2.  We will work with you to develop “level of service” goals and the best way to track them through your GIS.

2. March 16, 2018 – a second meeting took place due to the popularity of SB2.   Both meetings resulted in a number of Levels of Service Goals (LOS) being prepared with consideration given to metrics for tracking them over time.

3.  June 8, 2018 we met at Highland County Water Company, Hillsboro, Ohio.  Updates were given by the Ohio EPA for SB 2 and Asset Management.  Case Studies were given how utilities are integrating ESRI apps to perform tasks associated with asset management.  A deeper discussion was presented demonstrating integrations of mobile work orders, billing systems and asset management software.

4.  September 14, 2018 we were hosted by the City of Canton, Water Department.  Updates to SB2 (Asset Management) were given by the Ohio EPA.  Case studies were presented from both Stark County and the City of Canton on AM and other applications.  Deeper discussion was given to infrastructure and ArcGIS GeoEvent Server.  The meeting wrapped up with a round table focusing on utilizing ESRI Story Maps in presentations and communications.

5.  November 9, 2018: Ohio EPA Asset Management Update, Ohio Utility Case Studies Highlighted – How do we respond when things go wrong and can GIS help us in these situations.  We’ll be looking at case studies at utilities relating to equipment failures, leaks and other failures that impact the operation of the system.  We will discuss where things went wrong and share experiences about how to respond more effectively and discuss weaknesses in responses and actions that can be taken to improve responses to emergencies.  Analysis of these case studies will be used to identify proactive actions that can be taken to minimize the impact of these unavoidable situations.


NEXT OH GIS USER GROUP Meeting (Water & Wastewater Expertise Group)


Location:   CABELA’S POLARIS   Columbus, OH

Friday, February 22, 2019; (10:00 AM – 2:30 AM)

Topic: Planning for 2019:   The meeting will recap the February, 2019 ESRI Water Conference in Nashville, TN.  Then we will review some of the most recent accomplishments experienced in 2018, specifically, successes with the Work Force Application and Asset Management.  This will set the stage for establishing goals for 2019.  Participants will be aided by a form to best assess where they are and provide ideas for where they may want to go next.

We will end the meeting by setting the agenda for the remainder of 2019 GIS User Group Meetings.


If you are interested in participating in future OHIO GIS USER GROUP seminars please complete the sign up form below.

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