Water Services


For more than 35 years our business has worked with communities and businesses to plan, sites, develop and protect valuable water resources.  Our professionals routinely evaluate, study and direct responsible resource management.

Our personnel continue to develop some of the highest quality water supplies in the United States through innovative science and engineering designs.



  • Water Resource Management
  • Hydrogeological Investigation
  • Ground-Water Exploration
    • Geophysical Exploration
    • Fracture Trace Analysis
    • Test Drilling
  • Aquifer Analysis / Pump Tests
  • Riverbank Infiltration Investigations
  • Water Well Design
    • Radial Horizontal Collector Wells
    • Production Wells
    • Monitoring Wells
  • Wellfield Management Programs
  • Computer-Flow and Solute-Transport Modeling
  • Wellhead Protection Plans / Sole Source Aquifer Designations
    • GIS-based PPSI Mapping
    • Delineations and 3-D Modeling
  • Contaminant Investigations and Corrective Measures


  • Water Utility Oil & Gas Water Quality Assessments
    • Establish Defensible Backgrounds Strategy
    • Review Regulatory Options for Utility
    • Create Monitoring Strategies
    • Oil & Gas Impact Assessments
  • Surface Water Intake Siting and Design
    • Fixed-Screen Intake Systems (316(b) Compliant) Cooling Water Intakes
    • Infiltration Gallery Systems
  • Water Treatment Design
  • Design/Analysis of Distribution and Storage Systems
  • Regional Water Resource Evaluation
  • Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Ground-Water


  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Based Management Systems
  • Turn-key GIS Development, Creation, Training and Deployment for Utilities
    • Detailed Distribution Management Designs for Operations and Maintenance
    • Time-tested GIS and Unique GIS Approaches for Utility-wide Acceptance and Operations Efficiencies
    • Real-time Monitoring and Data Collection Design
    • GPS Collection Consultings and Personal Training
    • Online Mapping Services for Work Order Support
    • ESRI ArcGIS Online (AOL) for MOBILE Deployment
    • AOL Applications Design, Development and Deployment
    • Asset Management Systems Development and Analytics
    • Operations Workflow Tracking, Support and Training
    • Integrated Hydraulic Modeling (all popular modeling software)
    • GIS Assisted Contaminant Transport Modeling
    • Water Quality Monitoring & Modeling (TTHM, HAA5)
    • Contingency Planning and Customer Notification
    • Capital Improvements Planning & Targeted Growth Strategy
    • Integration with Automated Customer Billing Systems
    • Trouble Shooting Utility GIS Configurations, Upgrades, and Integration of Other Utility Technologies